A prediction...

/ Tuesday, January 3, 2006 /
Let me first say that I like to assume he best is yet to come. I like to believe that with every passing year comes a better year. I like to belive that the possibilites of tomorrow eclipse the realities of today. And with that said I believe that this year will bring about many good things in my life.

I believe that I will be a more spiritual person this year, Christian living at my very finest.
I belive that my bowling game will advance and I will make progress in the regional standings and placings.
I believe that my job will become more secure and the compensation more fruitful.
I belive that NGS Media will begin to generate lots of business and become a success.
I belive that personal relationships with friends and family and current unknowns will be more healthy than in times past.
I believe that I will be a healthier person this year, physically and mentally.

Many of these predictions will require more than my own desire to make them so but I believe they will all happen. I believe that a positive and practical attitude and a rational structured lifestyle will virtually force these things into being. I plan on being a more complete person this year and it will make my life that much more fulfilling.

I also joined an online Texas Holdem website where I can play free online poker. I plan to enjoy this newfound pleasure this year too. :)

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