Post Christmas Swell...

/ Tuesday, December 27, 2005 /
In case you don't know already I will be moving away from Pt. Loma this week. Tonight I sign my new rental agreement with Racqut Club Luxury Apartments located in La Mesa, CA. I've spent the last 7 and a half years in Pt. Loma and it pains me a little to move away but at the same time it is time to move on. Obviously La Mesa is not that far away (only 15 minutes) but regardless it's quite a setp away from the beach and my college days at PLNU.

I will be once again moving in with a fellow nice guy, Mr. Riveroll, and for the first time a fellow honorary nice guy, Mr. Saddler. This should be a fine time in our lives and we should have much fun living with each other. NGS West meets NGS East.

Well aside from the move it looks like I'm going to be looking to do something for New Years. For years now I've done next to nothing for the holiday and this year I just can't accept doing nothing as an option. I want to have a little fun. Some friends are heading out to Vegas for the weekend, I might join them. I've also got another friend hitting up disneyland for the day, I might join him. I might also entertain a couple other options. I guess I need to decide soon. The weekend is only a few days away.

OK, so I'm not very entertaining in my writing today. I guess I've got very little to talk about oher than basic what's going on in my life news so I'll just bring this to a close and say that I'm 27 years away from retirment. Ahh, can't wait.

US Open Fundraiser Update: I come back from Christmas to find myself with new investors. I'm up to $210 in investments into my fund. I hope you'll take the time to pass this investment opportunity to those that might be interested. I need to raise an additional $790 over the next 4 weeks. I can't wait to fly out and show off. ...and thanks to those that have invested so far.

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