2005 - A Year In Review

/ Tuesday, December 13, 2005 /
January – Gearing up for Change… for the better, no, but change nonetheless.
February – Coping with Change… I bought myself a new car. Is there any better coping mechanism than spending lots of money? I think not.
March – Great anticipation for a new chapter in my life. Spending a lot more money on a trip to Hawaii and why the heck don’t people want to buy my old car!?! Hmm, who’s that over there in the corner near the pool table?
April – Bliss. I feel like I belong and that I’ve got a long road of good things to come. I want to move to Fresno, buy a condo, advance my career and position myself for my bowling travels. I even have fans. Ahh, what dreams may come.
June – There are Beautiful people in this world… and they eat dinner at KFC cant wait for July.
July – Decided I wouldn’t be moving away… and was real happy about it. People are wonderful, my life’s wonderful, business is coming together, my machismo inflated to overwhelming machismo… want to go back to Hawaii.
August – My overwhelming machismo popped… but it went out with a bang. Business is formed, meeting people in the bowling world, and in the business world, can’t wait to get a promotion. Who’d think I’d be in the red tide and 3am?
Sept. – Residue from my machismo has been mopped from the floor… it’s gone, totally. I’m tired but doing what I must. Dull boring month of little consequence.
October – Finally a pick me up. I remember who I am. I bowl and I bowl well. I am a young tyke learning to walk. There may be valleys but peaks and plateaus are on either side. Still wish it was summer. Longing for something… anything, but pleased with what I’ve got.
November – A blip in the radar screen – some fun time were had but nothing of importance happened this month… I want to live by myself. Tired of sharing a room with a dude… hmmm. New roommates comin’. What the heck is happening to me in the short term.
December – Cohabitation: turmoil and peace. Don’t know what to expect in the short term trusting things will come together. Inner turmoil in personal relationships still longing for something better but pleased with what I’ve got. I can’t wait for January! Next month will solve all my problems… I hope. In better news, I know what I want but don’t know how to get it. It’s Christmas; maybe it will fall in my lap. Ha, fat chance. When’s baseball starting up again?

That’s it folks my life. I think I had an equal amount of happiness and longing with very little pain. It’s been a good year. Filled with positive experiences but plagued with what-ifs. If this year is a warm-up for 2006 then I will be happy because 2006 could be the best year of my life! But then again I’m an optimist; I can’t help it.

Regarding my US Open Fundraiser: I need to raise $1,000 by mid January and I've raised $70 so far. I've just got to raise $930 more. Thank you to those that have donated. I you can't donate consider contacting those you know that might be able to. Thanks everyone.

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