A Productive Day

/ Sunday, November 6, 2005 /
Well, so far it's been a productive day. I finally did a little update to my website. I always feel overwhelmed going into it and trying to change things but often times surprise myself when I find I can do more than I think. Anyway, not only that but I opened and configured myself my new permanent email address and sent out a mass email to notify friends and family. I wish I could just magically send to everyone but I know I missed many people and got some returned "delivery failures" so if you didn't get the info go to my site and send me an email through the built in portal on the front page.

In further news I attended the annual roughly Halloween party at Schoeler's (sp) house last night. I saw a lot of friends that I've come to realize I don't see very often anymore. I miss them (you if you're reading this) and hope that we can bump paths more often. Anyway I watched the weekly PBA telecast this morning and have some deep thoughts regarding my current bowling game, strategic planning, and execution. Check them out if interested at Mounts Bowling.

Finally, I've got two new roommates lined up for December, however, either one (or god-forbid both) could fall through in the coming weeks so if any of you know someone that needs a room or roommate soon please send them my way. That's it for me. Maybe a more entertaining post will have to come in the near future. –Mounts

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