Civ 4 and Sock 3

/ Friday, November 4, 2005 /
Alright so I’ve got a weird story for you. Two nights ago I found myself delightfully immersed in my new computer game: Civ 4 . Now if you know nothing of the Civ series of games you should know that it is a turn based game that plays for a long time based on the size of your game. Also, being a turn based game you’ve got certain “plans” in the works at various stages of each turn. Some plans are in beginning stages, some are in the middle, and some are concluding. There is always some plan that you’ve decided on concluding at all times. This creates an atmosphere of addiction. Every time you decide you want to quit you say to yourself just one more turn. I’ll finish this one thing and then shut it off but once you finish that one thing you find that there is just one more thing to finish and then the pattern forms and your left saying to yourself “just one more turn” over and over and over for hours.

Anyway, after playing until 3:50am and finally turning it off for bed, I slunk into my room and began peeling cloths off at the side of my bed. I threw my shirt on the ground then my pants on top of my shirt and then my socks on top of my pants and then fell fast asleep. Five hours later I woke up and flopped my legs over the side of my bed. I was late getting up so I just reached down to put on my clothes from yesterday when I reached for my socks and found the most astonishing thing imaginable. Sitting squarely on top of my pants were three socks. That’s right three. In a mere five hours two socks on my feet transformed into three socks on my pants. I sat there very confused and finally decided to shrug it off. I put two of them back on, got dressed, and went about my day. Now, a full day later I still have no explanation for where the third sock came from but I figure it certainly makes for entertaining banter.

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