27 Years of Marriage

/ Thursday, July 7, 2005 /
Tomorrow just happens to be my parents 27th wedding anniversary. Having just turned 25 it dawns on me that my dad had already met my mother while he was 24, dated her at 25 and while dating proposed 3 times before the engagement, and finally married soon after turning 26. I am struck by the idea that as long as I have lived is as long as it took my dad to find my mom, which also happens to be just shy of the length of time they've actually been together. Now of course this is all "fuzzy math" but it's amazing to think that I'm an adult now. I'm old enough to be doing the same thing. Wow.

Anyway, 27 years is mighty fine and I wish to my folks another fine 27 years to come. I only hope to share an equally fine 27 years with someone someday.

UPDATE: It happened. I got engaged in August of 2007 and married December 16 of that year.

In other news I have moved apartments. I now live in the same building that I've lievd in for the last 34 months but now live on the second floor in apt. 19. I now have a porch and it is quite lovely. My two roommates and I have decided to be very clean in this new dwelling what with new carpet and linoleum but in the past week I am the only one of us to have done any cleaning whatsoever. Lets hope that this trend will not last. As much as I enjoy the company and friendship of my two Palermo Terrace partners in rent I'm tired of being the only one doing anything around the place. We shall see how the night goes.

Lastly I wil say that the Nice Guy Society has now officially become Nice Guy Society, Inc., need I say more?

-They call me Mr. Nippleicious

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