9/24/04 Update

/ Friday, September 24, 2004 /
I'm just waiting to leave work. It's been a good day, fun actually, but long. I can't wait to go home. Aaron and I finished tweaking my new website www.BrianMounts.com last night. There's still a few pages to do but it's nearly all up. Aaron is the man in case you all didn't know that. Anyway, bowling has been enjoyable these last couple months too. I'm even planning on going to Hawii for bowling in the near future.  For more on this see my thoughts: Update On My PBA Regional Activity over at Mounts Bowling.

Well some of you have probably noticed how reclusive I've been lately. There's no reason for it other than a lack of desire to go do anything. I've been lazy. This weekend will be different though. I'm making it my goal. Tonight I will go to see Garden State with Abby, Kelli, Schmidt's Gay, Rob, Kathleen Pedro, and others (these persons will be forever called the 38 crowd from now on). Tomorrow I will go to the Cat lounge with Tesfaye late at night but would like to go visit Cara sometime during the day or evening. I also want to make time to go see Mer and Joy this weekend too. I have so many people that I want to see and only two days to do so. I will have to be on my toes. Please friends, call me I'd love to see you to.
Just so everyone knows, I want to leave work now! ...and so I will. Bye bye.

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