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/ Friday, July 30, 2004 /
I thought I'd let you all know. I have been a little weird in the head for about 10 days now. My grandpa, whom I've previously blogged about, died last week, my dad was hospitalized last week, I have been feeling a little depressed lately, more so than I have in a long while. I guess it's understandable though. My dad is doing better though but I think I feel mostly depressed for him. I feel as if a little of his pain is bleeding out of my skin. He missed his own fathers funeral because he was in the hospital. It was a beautiful funeral and I am going to miss having him around for a long time. I am going to have to cope with the demise of my childhood dream of having my grandpa meet my own son but mostly I am now going to have to cope with the fact that my dad was the one Mounts to miss this important moment. He will live with this for his life. It might not even effect him this much but it sure hurts me to know that.

Moving on to more lively conversation, I have had a good week since returning to San Diego. My co-workers are great and I actually missed them a little. I also got to play some tennis today, and I'm very happy to be growing closer to Tesfaye, a friend of mine from Vienna and the old DPS days. We had been close before and are getting close again. I am very happy for that.

Bowling is going good and I feel great. I should sleep maybe an extra hour a night but that's not to important. One should not have too much sleep. I generally feel good.. and that makes me happy. Pray for me and my dad and the rest of my family. The loss of my grandpa will be a pain that I feel and probably my dad feels for a long time whether it is obvious or not. If anyone wants to play tennis or any other outdoor sport or activity let me know. I need the physical activity.

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