facial hair metamorphesis...

/ Tuesday, March 23, 2004 /
OK, so I did something rash tonight. I must say that though this move is definitely going to please most everyone, I did not do it due to popular demand. I only did it because I thought it was time to do it and because I had no real direction with the way my facial hair structure was going anyway.

Yes, I shaved off my wild burns and cleaned up my jaw line and left only a very short and completely normal Goat. No one will ever look at me and think that I am being an individual. They will now think of me just like they think of everyone else: someone with no real unique personality but enough of a personality to follow the Go-Tee (spelling anyone) mass trend.. and gosh, what a sexy jaw line he has. I know, that's what you all are thinking about, how sexy I will look like now. I'm here for your pleasure ladies.

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