Dog Gone: A Poem by Brian Mounts

/ Tuesday, March 2, 2004 /
Dog Gone

A dog had a bone and jogged alone as I ran 'round the town and bound around with thoughts that bore down and dragged me down to the ground and ate at my every thought about the stout fog that masked the dog that moaned at home alone.

Attah boy, proud and true, friend to the friend that sometimes loved you on days and nights that bend and sway they say not all can be this way but loud and blue I moan for you as if the thought could mend the fog of the friend I held so true.

Around the town I see your face pacing me from the gates reminding me of memories past and fast I sense my own disgrace of times of then when we were ten with you to go but with a frown I strayed away locking you away to stay in a box in a distant place.

And now your gone like that your gone never heard your swan song and even though the word is true I can't think what I will do 'cause in the end you lose a friend one you knew would be leaving you you can't help but wonder what went wrong what caused the fog that masked the love for the dog I had so long.

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