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On December 16, 2007 I married my beautiful and lovely wife. Flor and I are very happily married and we are continually amazed that we share the same last name. It's still weird! We are excited to start our new lives together; since the wedding we honeymooned, adopted two kittens, I obtained my MBA concentrating in Organizational Leadership, and we purchased our first home together, a condo in El Cajon, CA.

We remain close to family and friends here in San Diego and we continually attempt to stay in contact with our friends and family who have moved away. Flor is in her 3rd year of medical school at UCSD and spends much of her time rounding patients at the hospital. I consequently do all that I can to support her efforts. As of yet she doesn't know what kind of doctor she will be. Rounds this summer might help her come to a decision.

We are both new members of Mission Church of the Nazarene in San Diego. We have been attending the church there roughly since August of 2007. We both grew up in the Nazarene Church. My father, in fact, was a pastor in the Nazarene church while I was growing up. He currently still does some part-time pastoral work from time to time. He also writes for a prayer ministry blog if you want to check it out.

Before I was married I was a bowler out of San Diego. Since then I still try to remain a bowler... I just bowl less frequently. :) I currently bowl in a few leagues in the San Diego area, The Chovan League at Kearny Mesa Bowl as a substitute, 820 Scratch at Parkway Bowl, and the 1 On 1 PBA Pattern league at Brunswick Premier Lanes. In addition to leagues ,I bowl in various local bowling tournaments as well as a few regional/national events. Though I don't use it much these days I am still a member of the PBA and compete in a few of the Western Regional PBA Tournaments. I author also author Mounts Bowling which is a site dedicated to my bowling endevors and commentary.

Aside from bowling I am 29 years old and employed by a large regional bank. I work in residential lending, audit and compliance. Generally speakign I manage the broker desk. My job routinely dabbles in finance, taxation, real estate law & licensing, and compliance. It's a tough job to describe at a bar; let's leave it at that. I've been on the job for over five years and am very proud to be contributing in such a nessesary field for a strong conservative bank.

Some of my other personal interests include personal finance, equity markets, and investing. I track the stock market and watch the business environment very closely. I regularly try to provide market commentary on my blog. I feel this adds a bit of color to my personality as it is just another element of what makes me me. If I get ambitious one day I will likely spawn this intrest of mine out into a dedicated website... but for now it remain here as a occasional topic.

I also am very interested in health and fitness related topics as I have always dreamed of living to extreme old age. Many people fear the concept of aging but I look forward to it. As a way of embracing the concept of long life I try to live a healthy lifestyle and continually learn new things. I also am passionate about the Oakland Athletics. I was hooked with the Bash Brothers as a kid and I still love the team today.

My natural state of being centers around entrepreneurship. As a child I bought and sold candy for a profit at school and traded currencies for a profit, if you can believe it! As a teen I ran a lawn care business and swamp cooler servicing business to make money on my own schedule. Today I am partnered with my best man and past roommate in a media production business, NGS Media, as a side job to my career. In this business we do primarily photo and film production along with many freelance projects with an emphasis on weddings. I still, however, have a strange fondness for weird business schemes so I do some of those for fun. Nothing crazy just for fun.

I currently hold a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Point Loma Nazarene University and an MBA from Ashford University. My educational goals, however, have not yet been realized. I am currently studying for the first of three tests to acheive my charter as a Financial Analyst. The CFA program from the CFA Institue is an approximate 2 1/2 year program so This will be a long-term project that I hope to attain by Summer 2012.

Anyway, I am generally a very well rounded kind of guy.  I enjoy blogging about things I find interesting.  Everything from the PBA tour stops to online marketing are fare game; right now those things tend to be bowling, stocks, my new family life, but who knows what they will be in the future. This blog is not intended to generate a ton of traffic nor satisfy any niche other than the curiosity of those that would like to keep in touch with me. Having said that I do encourage anyone who has stumbled onto this blog to feel welcome to look around and say hello sometime.

Thanks for reading this far... and leave me a comment from time to time; everybody likes comments. :)


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